I Started A YouTube Channel. Hopefully It Doesn’t Suck.

In case you didn’t bother to read the title, I’m on the YouTube now. My first video is me drunkenly talking about The Martian by Andy Weir. It isn’t terrible (the video that is, the book is quite excellent), but I’m excited to do more and make more videos in the future. I plan on having a new video every Friday, and I’ll post and share it here. Hopefully you all get a laugh and subscribe.

Watch the video here:

Buy the book here.

Monday I’ll be talking in-depth about my first video experience, so be sure to come back and read up on all my shenanigans.


Published by

Caleb Clark

I'm simply a young writer out to make his mark on the world. I particularly enjoy works of fantasy and horror, but I read a wide variety of topics and genres. I am a freelance writer, and I have regular posts on several sites, namely TechVise and Tech Malak. I try to upkeep my blog, where I talk about writing and theater mostly while cracking terrible jokes.

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