More Changes and Things To Come

Hello, everyone.

Last time I stopped in I chatted a bit about politics (which, I loved and will more than likely do again in the near future). Well, I thought today would be one of those “life update” posts. You know, one of those ones where I ramble on about shit you don’t care about.

Well, deal with it. This is my space.

(I should probably go back to anger management)

For those of you who don’t know, I moved again. That makes it 2.5 moves in four months! There was also this really cool period where I was technically kind of homeless (don’t worry wifey and the baby were fine). But, now we have moved into our new apartment and I am back in school as of last week. The good thing about this semester is I’ll actually be writing a ton, so you guys might see some killer samples of stuff I’m working on.

Speaking of writing, I have actually been doing that a lot here lately as well. There were some financial hardships during this summer (refer to technically homeless above), so The Wolfpack isn’t quite ready. But I have been upping my game a lot, which I guess was the whole point. I have a rather beautiful short story I’m working on titled Darker Than Dreams (douchey, I know) that I’m quite proud of. I’m also hoping to have The Wolfpack shaped up for a late October release, which would actually be perfect given the theme of the story.

In a professional sense, I recently signed a contract to work with another website. I don’t have all the details yet, but it should be launching some time in September. This one is exciting because it is a massive pay bump and definitely a step up in my career. As usual, though, I am still writing for TechVise, The Appzine, and Tech Malak. I’ve also decided that I am going to start posting all of my work from those sites here to share it with you guys (and maybe attract some new followers)!

I’ve also been talking with my wife and a good friend about possibly starting my own site. The target audience would be millennials, and it would be a kind of one stop shop for everything young people want to know about: tech, politics, entertainment, the whole shebang. I’m still in the planning phases of that, but hopefully in the next 6-7 months I can get something rolling.

More in creative endeavors, I also want to pick up film making. As many of you know, I started a YouTube channel where I go by the viciously clever name Calebrity. Well, there will be a new video there soon (hopefully in the next week), and within the next several months I am hoping to upload my very first short film. I already have most of my equipment, but I think we can all expect a December release for that considering my school schedule. Along with YouTube, I also started a Let’s Play channel with my best pal Mac, who is lame and doesn’t have any social media links. You can check out our channel here, and expect a lot more games to come in the near future.

Blogging wise, I think I will actually be able to do this a lot more often. On top of sharing my articles from freelancing, I have been graced with a lot more time at home despite now having a part-time job and school. This means I’ll be blogging more, hopefully. But, instead of just writing, I want to incorporate my family more into this space. You may see a lot about kids’ cartoons, parenting advice, and maybe even some recipes since I’ll be picking up cooking more.

Well, that’s enough self-indulgent regurgitation for today, I think. Hopefully you are all excited and I’ll see you on the flip side!

Oh, btw, if you haven’t watched Attack on Titan yet, DO IT! You are seriously wasting your life otherwise.


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Caleb Clark

I'm simply a young writer out to make his mark on the world. I particularly enjoy works of fantasy and horror, but I read a wide variety of topics and genres. I am a freelance writer, and I have regular posts on several sites, namely TechVise and Tech Malak. I try to upkeep my blog, where I talk about writing and theater mostly while cracking terrible jokes.

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