I’ve Been Working A Lot Lately, So That’s Pretty Awesome

Well, as you may have noticed (and by noticed I of course mean didn’t notice, since I basically just yell at myself here) the blog has been pretty quiet lately. Well, I’ve been busy. Get over it.

Are you over it, yet?

Ugh, fine I’ll wait.

Time’s up.

So, yeah, I’ve been working lately. Really that’s pretty awesome because it all is furthering my career. I’m developing new skills as a theater technician, as well as honing my skills in video editing. I also directed two shows for ISU’s Fringe Festival, so that’s pretty awesome. 

All of this has built into what I’ll be doing over the summer as well. I’ll be working as an electrician for Crossroads Repertory Theater right here in good ole Terre Haute, as well as working on a new YouTube video series. I’ve also got some work lined up to direct a music video, as well as produce my own short film. That’s all pretty awesome.

It has had some drawbacks though. The Wolfpack still isn’t anywhere near publication ready, and I haven’t written a short story in a good while. But, things are beginning to slow down so I should be able to work on all of that in the coming months. 

It is also time for me to make some big changes in my workflow. Freelance writing has been great, but I feel it is burning me out and draining my creativity. I think it’s time to wind down that aspect of my career and focus more on my fiction. I plan on picking up freelance video editing to make up for the lost income. 

So far, it has been an interesting year. It hasn’t gone quite the way I wanted it to, but I still plan on meeting all of my goals for the year. Those goals are:

  • Publish one short story with an online publisher
  • Self-publish The Wolfpack
  • Direct and release 2-3 short films
  • Create consistent content for YouTube

Thus far I am on track to accomplish at least one of those goals (if you count the music video as a short film). The YouTube thing is also coming together. I’m currently in the planning stages, but I am hoping to get an official show going that will release a new video once a month.

Everything else will come together. In that I am confident. I think I can have a final draft of The Wolfpack complete by the end of the semester, and I can possibly plan a fall release (appropriately around Halloween). That’ll give me time to give it a good copy edit and get a killer cover for it. I can also start working on my next self-published work (which I’m super excited to begin). 

Well that’s my ramble for the day. Since things are freeing up, I plan on being on here more, though I won’t commit myself to any specific schedule. Next time it’ll be back to the same old ramblings about movies and books and junk.



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Caleb Clark

I'm simply a young writer out to make his mark on the world. I particularly enjoy works of fantasy and horror, but I read a wide variety of topics and genres. I am a freelance writer, and I have regular posts on several sites, namely TechVise and Tech Malak. I try to upkeep my blog, where I talk about writing and theater mostly while cracking terrible jokes.

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