I also offer a variety of freelance writing and video editing services.  I have a wide range of experience writing for multiple fields, but I particularly focus on technology and media writing.  Below are some samples of my work that show my range of work as well as show off my writing style.  To inquire more about rates and services, contact me at

Work Profiles

Here are a number of the websites I conduct business on. You can find links to these here:


Technology Writing

I have been doing technology writing for quite a few months now.  For the best examples of my technology writing, checkout my TechVise page. You can also check out my author pages on TheAppZine and TechMalak for more samples.


Copywriting is my big aim for freelance writing.  I have completed the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Course and am more than ready for work.  If you have a small business venture, and are looking to get a quality copywriter for your product, I am your man.  Below is a sample piece I did for my first copywriting client.

AdWords Sales Letter

Content/Blog Writing

Although I do not update my own blog often enough, I do regularly write for other people’s blogs.  Unfortunately, since they are not within my right to display, I can’t show you any relevant samples of the work.  However, do refer to my Upwork profile to see some samples and also see the satisfaction of my clients.


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